Features of Android TV Box

Exactly what's an Android TV box? There are numerous tormenting inquiries that customers have when it comes to these streaming devices, as well as for great reason, also. There are hundreds of different kinds on the market right now, ranging from pure scrap to devices very well qualified of changing Apple TVs or Roku gamers.


  1. Finest Android tv box is Nvidia Shield

The extra hundred bucks obtains you 4K video game steaming, a new controller with an IR blaster and always-on microphone and rumbler, smaller box size, and also Android 7.0.1 with voice assistant. In addition to all video games and applications being in 4K HDR, the box has the ability to cast COMPUTER video games from your computer with GeForce now. This box not just is an Android TV box, however also a 4K streaming as well as gaming powerhouse.

  1. Android TV Box is Amazon Fire TV

This box, certainly, made by Amazon, has a collection of over 7,000 games, apps, and also Alexa skills, the lattermost being distinct to Amazon products just. All major streaming solutions are supported with 4K, as well as Amazon Prime participants get back at a lot more functions. The remote has a microphone built-in for Alexa (Amazon's voice assistant) commands. The latest version also has reasonable hardware specifications by itself also, including specialized graphics, 2GB RAM, 8GB disk drive, and additional storage space that is expandable to 200GB. There are comparable items with better features for the very same price factor, nevertheless, the added benefits for Prime participants is why the Fire TV made the list. There is additionally an Amazon Fire TV Gaming edition at $129.99 which includes a joystick controller, two games, and a 32GB MicroSD card.

Android tv box review-- Matricom G-Box

This box has an Octo-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB hard drive. It likewise supports 4K.

The most significant selling point, however, is that it is among the few non-Amazon gadgets that sustains Amazon Prime. It includes a Wi-Fi dongle as well as an HDMI cord, runs Android 5 OS, as well as comes with XBMC rather than Kodi like the majority of various other boxes in this classification. Matricom likewise provides over-the-air updates to greater versions of Android as they incorporate assistance.

Kitbox X92 review

This box has an octa-core cortex A5 cpu, and also a standard Mali GPU. This suggests that it can play media web content as well as fundamental games efficiently, yet do not expect to be gaming in 4K with ultra-settings on it. It has Netflix and Kodi constructed in, in addition to an internet browser. Other attributes: Android 6.0, 3GB RAM, 16GB hard drive, dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and also Bluetooth 4.0. This is an excellent box for greater than just streaming, without the high expense.

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